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God wants us to come to him with our needs. As a community caring for each other, we want to pray with you and have you pray with us.

Prayer Requests
Share your prayer requests so that we may pray with you. There are several ways you can make prayer requests.

Sunday Worship.
During both worship services, we share prayer requests with each other. Most Sundays the pastor will ask for requests during the service, simply raise your hand and share your joy or concern.

Weekly Prayer List.
There are two ways you can add a prayer request to our weekly prayer list: .
- Contact the church office directly with your request.
- Use the form in the Sunday morning worship folder.

Follow the link on this page that says submit a prayer request above so that our prayer team may pray with you for your need.

View Prayer Request
 01:50:29 PM (UTC)
 Eileen Slak

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  President   Congress   North Korea   Mike – ALS & Faith   Kyle – Radiation   Laura – Cancer & Faith   John – Rehab from Stroke   Margot – Recovery from Stroke   Kevin – Frozen Shoulder   Kelly – At Fort Hospital/Undiagnosed Problem   Greg – Pneumonia/Colon Cancer   Lori – Health Concerns/Answers   Midge – Nephew just out of prison/Anxiety/Place to Live/Reconnecting with Society/Job  


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